We’re On a Mission

We’re a team of designers, marketers, operators, and engineers, but we all have one thing in common: a passion for food and the people who make it.

Life’s Too Short to Work on Something You’re Not Passionate About

In the past, having a passion — and making a living following it — often included a hefty barrier to entry. The costs were too high and the tools and secrets were only available to a select few.

That’s no longer the case. With widely accessible tools and innovative technology, creators of all kinds have leveraged software to fuel growth and enjoy the rewards of entrepreneurship.

Castiron was founded on the belief that the promise of entrepreneurship should be open to everyone — and that the next generation of creators to change the world will include independent culinary artisans.

Few things in life generate more joy than delicious food and shared meals. We’re here to empower the creators behind those sacred moments to follow their passion, connect with other makers, and achieve financial success.

Meet the Team

Mark Josephson
CEO and Co-Founder

Kyle Brown
Senior Software Engineer

Emily Brungard
Marketing Manager

Emory Brunner
Junior Software Engineer

Clara Doti
Senior Product Designer

Matt Kravchak
Senior Software Engineer

Lindsay Lopez
Junior Software Engineer

Geoffrey Major
QA Automation Engineer

Austin Marticorena
Senior Product Designer

Collin Messer
Senior Software Engineer

Chris Navta
Director of Engineering

Kevin Ofori
Business Operations & Strategy Manager

Matt Renie
Product & Customer Success Manager

Anna Schena Walsh
Head of Marketing

Lindsay Webb
Customer Success Associate

Emmy Yardley
Head of Product & Customer Success

Our Values

Our Artisans Come First

Without our creators, we are nothing. We will always put them first and ask ourselves “Is it good for our artisans?” before making big decisions.

Built to Last

We will not be a flash in the pan. Like a well-made and well-cared-for cast iron pan, we will build with care to stand the test of time and deliver value across generations.

Feed the Soul

We will do well by doing good. We will leave our interactions and our planet better than we found them.

Think Big & Move Fast

We are here to make meaningful change. We mean to take big swings and change the world. There are a limited number of hours in the day, and we only have a limited time on this earth to fulfill our mission. We will take every opportunity to accelerate our progress.


We are creating something that doesn’t yet exist. We will encounter obstacles and we must maintain curiosity and ruthless optimism.

Join the Team

We’re always on the lookout for talented, driven people who share our vision.

Customer Success Manager