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Best Baked Goods to Sell From Home

If you're an aspiring home-based food entrepreneur, you might be wondering how to sell baked goods. Maybe you have an incredible homemade bread recipe that your friends and family rave about constantly. On the other hand, you could be looking for a few great recipes to make and sell at a farmer's market. 

Selling baked goods can be an excellent way to make money. Here are some of the best baked goods to sell from home. 

Top Selling Baked Goods  

Historically, America's top ten favorite baked goods are: 

  1. Apple pie 
  2. Chocolate chip cookies 
  3. Bagels 
  4. Cream puffs 
  5. Cornbread 
  6. Blueberry muffins 
  7. Whoopie pie 
  8. Red velvet cake 
  9. Banana bread  
  10. Pretzels 

These days, there are many quick bread recipes to try, including parmesan-sage beer bread, cinnamon swirl, and herbed quick-bread. You also can't go wrong with fresh baked homemade bread. A loaf of classic yeast bread is always a top seller. And sourdough bread is an excellent choice as well. 

Additionally, some of the top selling baked goods today are also unique. Bakers are adding spices to their bread recipes. They're braiding the loaves, carving them, and experimenting with alternate flours, including cassava, barley, and almond.   

Unique Bake Sale Ideas 

Keep the latest trends in mind when you start selling baked goods from home. That doesn't mean you won't be able to use grandma's cookie recipe. For example, one of 2021's best baking trends was pure nostalgia, with unique bake sale ideas from moon pies and half-moon cookies to reimagined toaster pastries.  

Another thing. In addition to finding easy to make desserts to sell, think about how pretty you can make your products. Recent trends are edible flowers, intricate patterns, and plenty of sprinkles.  

Bakers are even turning focaccia into works of art with herb and vegetable toppings. Adding herbs to bread, cakes, and pies takes them to a whole new level.  

Cottage Food Law 

While cottage food law limits the type of baked goods you can sell, it also opens up an opportunity to see how creative you can get. Cottage food law may differ from state to state, but the basic idea is that you can only sell non-potentially hazardous foods. That means they are less likely to spoil or grow harmful bacteria.  

The thing is, if it needs refrigeration or temperature control to keep it safe, then you probably can't sell it as a home-based food producer. But selling baked goods from home allows you to experiment with recipes and create food products that fit this category. 

Some of the best desserts to sell from home are: 

And some of the best baked goods to sell from home under cottage food law are bread, scones, and vegan or gluten-free baked goods.‍ 

Start Selling Baked Goods From Home 

Cottage food Recipes offer you an opportunity to show off your brand's unique style. If you want to be a successful home-based baker:

  1. Create a custom website to market your goods.
  2. Generate some buzz on social media with beautiful pictures of the products you sell.
  3. Network at farmer's markets and get to know other home-based makers. 

Depending on where you live, you can make a sell all kinds of baked goods from home, including: 

And find that thing that makes your home baked goods stand out. Vegan baked products are great niche sellers, as are gluten free bakery products. In fact, you can take almost any recipe you find in this post and adapt it to your cottage food bakery business. Just make sure you follow regulations to use only permitted ingredients. 

Set Up a Website

At Castiron, we provide a free website for cottage food bakers. ‍You'll also have an inventory management system. You can accept online payments and track sales, taxes, and fees from the Castiron platform. Better still. We help you stay compliant with labeling requirements with allergen and dietary tools that help you keep your customers safe. 

Castiron also provides the best resources for food artisans, including negotiating discounts for wholesale pricing on ingredients and discounted kitchen insurance. What's more, we help you grow your business with automated email, social media, and SEO tools.

Do you want to start selling baked goods from home?  First, learn the cottage laws for your area. Next, develop a unique line of bakery goods. Then set up your free website with Castiron.

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