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Bookkeeping Software For Food Businesses

Accounting Software for Home-based Food Businesses

Bookkeeping software for food businesses is as much required like any other business. The small operation owner needs to be able to keep track of expenses versus sales revenue, understand if the home activities are taking a loss or producing a profit, and be able to show accurate records of what is a true net profit should be taxed when it comes time to file income and business tax returns. Fortunately, there is a lot of restaurant bookkeeping tips and guidelines that can help home-based food businesses because a lot of the same rules apply.

At a minimum, the restaurant bookkeeping cost needs to be tracked objectively and with a high degree of certainty. Otherwise, the business owner has no idea if he or she is working into a financial hole. Restaurant bookkeeping templates help the do-it-yourself business owner, generally providing the basic minimum requirements for business accounting. However, without solid restaurant bookkeeping training, it can still be confusing. This is where guided software or restaurant bookkeeping services can help, either teaching the owner how to track the business numbers or provided the accounting work directly in the form of a certified public accountant’s review and reporting.

However, even with guidance or help from a CPA, the business owner is going to come to the same conclusion or be recommended the same: get a solid business accounting software that caters to your type of small business operation. It’s essential because these kinds of tools make it extremely easy to track different costs, produce necessary reports, and provide the ready material that the owner or a CPA can then print to use for financial statements and tax reporting. And, given today’s automation as well as how intuitive modern accounting software programs are, it would be silly not to be using a good tech package to manage costs and income accurately.

Free Restaurant Accounting Software (And Some Not So Free)

With a quick look on the Internet, it is possible to find free restaurant accounting software. First off, the most common and easiest accounting software online tends to be free income tax reporting software. Provided in a cloud version, small businesses can generate their basic tax reporting with several options ranging from the list of accounting software from TaxCut to H&R Block to a basic IRS version online. However, these choices are not robust. Free accounting software is usually what you pay for it, cheap. Most small business accounting software free programs provide the very, very basic tools, and small businesses quickly find themselves needing more. Any accounting software for small business operations is going to need to file at least a Schedule C report for taxes, and most don’t provide this option for free. So, business owners will quickly find they need more complex restaurant business software versus a shareware small business accounting software free version that promises big but can’t deliver. In short, the best accounting software for catering business ventures and home businesses is going to have a price tag attached to it, pure and simple.

Popular restaurant accounting software options include:

  • Restaurant365
  • QuickBooks
  • Restaurant Solutions
  • Xero
  • Zipbooks


One of the notable packages available on the cost side of things for food business accounting software tends to be Zipbooks. It is competitive with Quickbooks for restaurants, and it doesn’t have such a big price tag. On the Zipbooks review side, many real-time food small business owners have been quite happy with the package provided, and it also includes a Zipbooks app, useful when working on the move. Even better, when looking at a comparison of packages like Wave vs Zipbooks or other choices, Zipbooks lets a user try its tool out for free with a starter version online before engaging with an investment on a robust package version. The same can’t be said with restaurant accounting with Quickbooks PDF and CDROM packages. You have to buy them outright to try them. So, Zipbooks is definitely worth looking at and trying out, especially when you’re running a tight ship with a home-made food business starting out. 

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