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Can You Sell Homemade Food on Facebook?

Everything from self-published novels to makeup samples are promoted on social media sites such as Facebook. Selling food from home may sound like a good business venture to many people. But can you sell homemade food on Facebook? The short answer is yes. There are, however, many steps you'll want to follow and pitfalls to avoid. While it is generally legal to sell food on Facebook, the seller must abide by what is known as cottage food laws. Selling food that does not require refrigeration is the type that is most often allowed. The following is everything you need to know about selling homemade food on Facebook.

The first thing you need to understand when learning how to sell food on Facebook is that they have in recent years started a new feature known as the Marketplace. The launching of Facebook's Marketplace feature is there to help entrepreneurs promote and sell their products. According to Big Commerce, Facebook Marketplace is built into the Facebook app, making it relatively easy for a person to get started. The site is sometimes compared to Craigslist or eBay. The following is everything you need to know for how to sell food on Facebook.

  1. Know the Laws - The first step, before even getting started, is to understand there are regulations you'll need to follow and abide by. Some selling food regulations may be confusing to understand. Cottage food laws vary from state to state. You'll need to do some research for your particular state to know exactly what is required.
  2. Make a Plan - The second step is to make a business plan. This might start by deciding what your niche area is. Are you selling sandwiches, baked goods, or vegetarian meals? Will you need a loan to purchase cooking equipment? These are a few questions you'll need to answer when writing out your business plan.
  3. Package and Price - What type of packaging will you use? You may need to refer to step number one to make sure your packaging materials meet all necessary regulations. Next, you'll need to decide how much to charge for your items. You'll want to look on Facebook Marketplace to find out what items similar to yours are selling for.
  4. Set Up Payments - You'll need to set up some sort of way for customers to pay. Facebook Pay is what works specifically through Facebook Marketplace. Facebook Pay can be used whether you're selling items on Facebook or Instagram. Other options include PayPal or cash apps.
  5. Prepare Your Food- The next step is understanding how to post food on Facebook Marketplace. You'll need to cook or bake some of your best recipes and take photos that you can post. Finding success when selling food from home starts with taking mouth-watering photos. 
  6. Market Your Food - While you don't have to market to sell homemade food on Facebook, you'll almost certainly sell more if you have a marketing plan in place before listing your food items.
  7. List on Facebook Messenger - Sign up for Facebook if you haven't already. You can access Facebook Marketplace through your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. lists specific steps to follow once you're on Facebook Marketplace.

Selling Food Online

So far we've discussed general information regarding selling food on Facebook. Some people may be interested in selling food on Facebook abroad. There are currently just a few countries that are allowing selling online through Facebook Marketplace. There are some differences when selling in the United States when compared to selling in Canada, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand. There may be additional regulations that a home seller must comply with when selling food online.

Some of the laws and regulations for Australia and New Zealand may be similar. So whether you're selling food on Facebook Australia or selling food on Facebook NZ, there are some food standards and guidelines you'll want to familiarize yourself with. This is good information to follow since it discusses everything from food safety skills to specific ways to prevent contamination and how to keep track of food traceability. The following information will give you some tips for selling food online in some of these different countries.

  • Selling Food on Facebook Canada - When selling food online in Canada, finder provides quite a bit of information for those wishing to sell their products when living in Canada. The Canadian government also has a website that lists general regulations for selling food. 
  • Selling Food on Facebook Australia - If you're selling food on Facebook in Australia you need to be aware that authorities have been clamping down on unregistered sellers during the last few years. According to, the government is trying to stop unregulated and unregistered food businesses. The article states that some of the high-risk foods can include curries, dumplings, seafood, different meats, and even raw sausages.
  • Selling Food on Facebook UK - The BBC states that individuals in the United Kingdom selling food from home must register with the local authorities regularly. The leader of the FSA, which is the individual responsible for the safety of food in England, encourages sellers to list their food hygiene ratings on the site they're selling their food.
  • Selling Food on Facebook NZ - You'll want to check Facebook food selling rules for New Zealand before selling your products. While rules and regulations will differ whether you're in New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, or the United States, Facebook states that the responsibility to follow all the guidelines rests with each seller.

Selling Food On Facebook Reddit

You may also be thinking of selling food on Reddit as well as Facebook. As a home chef, you'll be able to decide which one, Reddit or Facebook, is the best platform for your business. Since selling on Facebook has already been outlined in the previous sections, you'll also want to know some basics about Reddit. Reddit is a social network where people can submit content, links, images, and videos. Items are organized into categories that are called subreddits.

If you're looking to sell food on Reddit you'll want to come up with a plan that is similar to what is outlined in the first section. When using Reddit, you'll need to sign up and create or join a category where you can list your food items. It's important to note that each category or subreddit, has its own rules for posting. You'll want to familiarize yourself with these guidelines before posting any type of content or photos. provides detailed advice for using Reddit to sell products.

  • Pros of Selling on Reddit - Many people like the simplicity of using Reddit. It's easy to set up an account and get started. It's also easy to choose an audience for your product. You can use all of Reddit or you can target specific subreddit audiences.
  • Cons of Selling on Reddit - Some users claim that Reddit can quickly develop "cliques." These cliques of users may make it more difficult to sell items if they don't support your product or brands. It's also sometimes difficult to rise above and stand out from all other businesses.
  • Pros of Selling on Facebook - A few of the benefits of selling on Facebook is that the Facebook Marketplace is an app that's already part of Facebook. There also aren't any listing fees for using Marketplace on Facebook. There's also a lot of traffic on Facebook. The Digital Renewal states that over 500 million viewers are browsing for items on Facebook. This many potential buyer is a huge benefit!
  • Cons of Selling on Facebook - There are a few drawbacks of selling on Facebook. These include that it is only currently available in certain areas such as the United States, the UK, New Zealand, and Australia. A few other cons include that there always seems to be a few hagglers who will try to get you to sell your items for a lower price and you'll have to watch out for scams since there is limited seller or buyer protection.

The following are some specific tips you'll want to keep in mind when selling different food items on each platform.

  • Selling Food from Home Reddit - Most people are very familiar with Facebook. While Reddit is a huge platform, not as many people regularly use it as they do Facebook. You'll want to study Reddit before posting your food items. Learn how the site operates and how other people who are selling items are using it.
  • Selling Baked Goods Reddit - Consider listing at least some of the ingredients for your baked goods. Many people are health conscious and may be more likely to purchase items if they know what's in them.
  • Selling Cupcakes Reddit - Get creative with your images. There are a lot of different ways you can display your cupcakes to make them look as interesting and appetizing as possible.
  • Selling Bread Reddit - Selling bread is a good item to start with when selling food from home on Reddit. Bread is something that nearly everyone eats, there are lots of various ways to make bread, and it doesn't need refrigeration.

Whether you're selling homemade food on Facebook or Reddit, make sure you read and understand all legal regulations for the location you are selling from. Starting a cottage business is always exciting and there are lots of opportunities when using these great platforms to sell your products!

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