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Conditions for starting a hot sauce business have never been better. The global hot sauce industry is growing rapidly and is expected to reach new highs, every year, into the foreseeable future.

So…maybe it’s time to break out that old family hot sauce recipe and use it to make money!

This article offers smart advice about entering into the spicy, exciting hot sauce industry. There’s a lot of profit opportunity for those with unique recipes, a flair for marketing, and the dedication needed to rise above the competition.

Hot Sauce Business

Tasting the kick of hot sauce in your mouth is thrilling! As the global hot sauce industry continues to expand, many new hot sauce companies are getting doused - in profit!

According to Fortune Business Insights, the global market for hot sauce is projected to increase from $2.71 billion to $4.38 billion between 2021 and 2028, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.1%. In the US alone, gross hot sauce sales passed $1.13 billion. The average cost for hot sauce continues to increase.

How to Start a Sauce Business

Aspiring food artisans and entrepreneurs have a lot of questions about starting a hot sauce business, like:

While there is some learning to do before launching a sauce business, it is possible, requires little startup capital, and can be a life-changing decision. 

To prepare to start a hot sauce company, you’ll need to either have an awesome recipe already, or begin experimenting with the recipe you want to focus on for a first product. As time progresses, you can hone the recipe or add new recipes as you like.

Cottage Food Laws

Cottage food laws are in place in nearly all US states to regulate the preparation and sales of homemade foods for public consumption. Each state has different rules about licensing, taxation, which foods are permitted, where you can sell them, and the maximum amount of gross sales you are permitted.

Learn about the cottage food laws in your state to understand the rules about hot sauce preparation, bottling, packaging, marketing, and sales. In addition to your state’s regulations, there may be additional rules to follow in your county or city.

And then, there’s the federal government to appease. No worries, though! The rules are typically quite simple to abide by and stay on the pleasant side of the law. Here’s an excellent guide from the FDA to get you started.

Selling Sauce Online

How much money can you make selling hot sauce? It depends on a few key factors. A well-thought and researched business plan and marketing strategy can have people lined up to buy your hot sauce. 

However, you should be aware that the hot sauce industry is heavy with competition, and it takes a good plan, a unique product with a good story, captivating bottling and labeling - and perhaps most importantly, a lip-smackin’ hot sauce that excites the mouth and mind!

From the most popular hot sauce in Mexico to a single homemade bottle for personal use, most hot sauce recipes use similar ingredients. But marketing and presentation to consumers differentiate them.

You may want to focus on selling hot sauce at farmers markets. However, if your state permits online cottage food marketing, then you’ll benefit from an omnichannel hot sauce marketing strategy. Utilize both offline and online vehicles to maximize your reach to your audience. 

Advanced eCommerce software simplifies the entire process of selling hot sauce and other cottage foods. It’s smart to consult with professionals who specialize in hot sauce marketing to jump ahead of the competition.

How to Professionally Bottle Hot Sauce for Sale

After you master your technique for hot sauce production, you’ll need something to put it in. Small hot sauce bottles come in various shapes and sizes to meet your unique marketing goals. Take your time choosing and consider hiring a graphic designer to create a label and logo for your product.

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