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How to Start Selling Baked Goods From Home

The home bakery has become an increasingly popular business option for entrepreneurs as Americans buy baked goods in greater numbers. For example, the Times Union reports that the number of new residential bakeries in New York went up by 56 percent in one year. Business Insider spotlighted a successful home bakery business started by a woman who had only $5 to spare. Today, its annual revenues have reached almost $1 million. Home baking business ideas range from making bread to producing cookies and cupcakes. If you'd like to learn how to sell baked goods from home, this introductory guide will assist you.

Planning Your Business

A detailed home bakery business plan isn't essential, but it can help you get started (and gain financial backing if necessary). The lack of a commercial storefront makes startup costs relatively affordable. However, you still need to save money for equipment, fees, ingredients, energy and insurance. Set aside some time to create a memorable name. An online "name generator" tool can provide baking business name ideas. Think about incorporating a witty pun or part of a popular saying. Use the Patent and Trademark Office's search tool to ensure that your name hasn't already been taken.

Food Business Registration

In most parts of the nation, you can't just start selling baked goods whenever you like. You'll need to apply for a home bakery permit, registration, license and/or certificate first. Bakeries in residential buildings don't need to register with the federal Food and Drug Administration. The rules on selling food from home largely depend on state, county and local laws. Many states have lists of specific products that they allow or prohibit. Even after gaining a permit to sell food from home, you might need a mobile vending license to offer your goods at off-site events like farmer's markets.

Equipping Your Kitchen

You may have to install more cooking equipment and fixtures before you can start baking cookies or cakes to sell. Every state has different kitchen requirements for home baking business owners. For instance, you might need fire sprinklers, ventilation hoods or a second sink. Don't forget to check your refrigerator and freezer temperatures. Some upgrades may be beneficial yet optional. If you can afford them, consider adding more cabinets, larger appliances or a kitchen island to simplify and speed up the baking process. Frequent cooking may also call for a powerful fan or window air conditioner.

Business Development

When you're thinking about how to make money selling baked goods from home, it's helpful to find the most profitable bakery items. A Bake Magazine survey found that cookies and cakes outperform bread, muffins and cinnamon rolls in this area. If you're looking for cheap and easy bake sale ideas, Taste of Home has some suggestions. They recommend peach-blueberry pies, carrot cakes, oatmeal cookies and key-lime cupcakes. Success also depends on learning how to promote a home baking business. You could market baked goods to local restaurants or offices. Consider selling products at a popular event, such as a fair.

Selling Baked Goods Online

Many baking entrepreneurs ask "Where can I sell my homemade baked goods?" The answer varies based on local and state rules. You may have the option to create a home-based bakery website or start selling cakes on Facebook. If you're wondering how to sell baked goods online, there are several different methods. You can directly accept credit card payments, use PayPal or supply contact details and complete the sale in person. Either way, an attractive mobile-friendly bakery website design will help you gain customers. You could promote your website for free on Twitter, Instagram or Craigslist.

A home bakery business demands some planning and upfront investments, but it can provide a lucrative way to benefit from your talents without leasing costly commercial space. The best baked goods to sell from home differ depending on state regulations, your cooking abilities and current ingredient prices. An appealing name and effective marketing also hold great importance. If you'd like to boost sales with a sophisticated online bakery website, our e-commerce experts can help you set up and maintain it.

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