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Make Your Own Product Labels

If you're producing your own cottage food for sale, you will have to label your food according to the laws of your state. You can easily make your own product labels on your Mac or PC, rather than purchasing a label maker.

How to Make Your Own Labels for Jars

If you're wondering how to make labels at home, there are many resources on the Internet for creating sticker labels for jars. Some sticker companies, such as Avery, offer free templates that will allow you to insert your information in their product labels template, and print out your stickers on your home computer. You can get product label design ideas by searching the web or visiting your local farmer's market.

What Needs to be on the Label

All cottage food needs to be labeled. In most states, the following information needs to be on the label:

  • Name of the product.
  • Ingredients list.
  • Net weight.
  • Business name.
  • Business address.
  • Business phone number.
  • Statement that the product was made in a kitchen that is uninspected by the state health department.

Depending on your state, you may also be required to list your state's permit or license, allergens the product might contain, and other important information. Check with your county's extension office or health department for guidelines.

How To Make Your Own Product Labels At Home

As mentioned above, there are many resources on how to make your own product labels at home. You can purchase Avery labels at an office supply store or online, and use Avery label templates, which are free to use on Avery's site. You can also get Avery label templates for Word, if you wish to create and store your current template. Microsoft also has free label templates, in case you want to learn how to make labels for jars in Word.

Another place that can help you learn how to make sticker labels at home is Canva. Canva provides the template labels for jars and bottles, and you can change and add your own designs, fonts, and wording. It's easy how to make stickers in Canva. Once you're done, you just order your labels, and they arrive in the mail.

If you're looking for information on how to make labels for jars with Cricut, you should first have a Cricut machine and look for an appropriate template, or design your own using Cricut software. Cricut works well as a label maker software and printer.

Custom Labels For Jars

Why is it important to have custom labels for jars? Does it matter? In most cases, to comply with the law, you have to have your products labeled correctly, which includes your business name, address, and other contact information. You have to have your ingredient list as well. But there are other benefits to having custom labels. For one thing, you establish your brand. That means that your customers will easily recognize your product when they visit farmers markets or your website. Your products look more professional than if you were to sell them without custom labels.

Think about it. Would you rather buy a food product that has a printout with the ingredients listed stapled onto a bag, or would you like to see a beautifully, professional looking label with a recognizable design? While you may not care what the packaging of something you buy might look like, most customers do care. The effort you put into your brand says something about the care you put into your product.

The good news is you can put together a professional looking label using an online label maker such as ones from Avery or Canva. While you can make your own labels free, Canva labels are ordered online, although one could download the label and print the PDF on uncut label stock. Avery offers product label design templates -- you just either supply your own Avery labels or order the labels printed from Avery direct. In this way, Avery offers free printable labels and food label design templates free.

If you're looking for a label maker for jars, Cricut machines can help with putting your creativity to your labels. You'll be able to design impressive labels that will have a flair of originality.

Once you have your product ready to go, don't forget the labeling. Your labeling will identify your products and yourself as reputable cottage food and a reputable business.

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