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Sell Homemade Food Online

Home-based businesses have gained serious momentum in recent years due to changes in consumer behavior, and the global pandemic Although restaurants are among those who have taken a particular hit during the past year, many of those who sell homemade food online are struggling to keep up with the demand. Here's what you need to know about how to sell food from home:

Using Social Media for a Home-Based Food Business

Selling homemade food online via social media works well because it provides your product with a local spotlight and high visual appeal. When selling home-cooked food to the public, the services of a professional photographer may present your product in the best possible light.

Selling on Amazon

Selling homemade food on Amazon requires approval in that platform's grocery category. Those who go this route generally stick with selling prepackaged food online that is nonperishable — because of existing rules and regulations, it can be tricky selling fresh foods because they have to be approved for interstate commerce. Requirements include passing FDA inspections regularly and meeting Amazon's stringent requirements.

Rules and Regulations Concerning Selling Homemade Food Online

Laws concerning cooking from home to sell to the public vary by state, but there are a few foundational regulations that all states share.

Do I Need a License to Sell Homemade Food?

The first step of those who are wondering how to get a license to sell food is to check with their state. All states have different rules, and selling food from home in Florida may be very different from selling food from home in Illinois. Most states require some sort of permit to sell food from home, but the type of license may depend on the type of food.

Do You Need a License to Sell Baked Goods From Home?

Most of the time, the answer to this question is going to be yes — but not always. Because baked goods aren't perishable, restrictions concerning selling them may be laxer than for other types of food. In Oregon, for instance, cottage food laws allow sales of up to $20,000 per year of baked and confectionery goods with completion of food handlers training being the only requirement. However, online sales are prohibited as well as selling to restaurants and stores.

Getting a license to sell food online from a residential kitchen generally involves some type of formal inspection by an applicable regulating agency. Those seeking information on how to sell homemade food legally need to start their search at the local level

Food Ideas To Sell Online

The easiest type of homemade food products to sell include anything that isn't perishable. At the same time, it's essential to choose something that isn't already a part of a saturated market. Among the most successful food ideas to sell online include items with a local slant as well as a relatively long shelf life. For instance, those who live in a cactus country may want to consider something along the lines of hot sauce or a dry barbecue rub containing prickly pear. Mixes are another good option, particularly prepackaged dessert mixes containing all the dry ingredients so that the consumer only needs to add eggs and/or oil to the mix, stir it up, and prepare as directed. Dry goods are also the easiest and least expensive products to ship.

Other ideas for food to sell online include packaged snacks, candy, pickled and canned goods, and dried herbs.

Home Cooked Food App

An app for selling home-cooked food is essential for those wishing to market to a local consumer base. A home-cooked food delivery app provides customers with easy access to talented home chefs in their area, and many find this approach to be a welcome respite from takeout and restaurant delivery options. Food delivery platforms range from established industry players that operate nationwide to small-scale entrepreneurs who work within their local area only. Prices cover a wide scope as well, and some offer a free version and a paid version. Keep in mind that although free versions are a good way to investigate whether a particular home-cooked food app is going to be right for your business, but as you expand, the paid version may offer valuable features designed to help your business grow.

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