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Selling Homemade BBQ Sauce

Do you have an amazing BBQ sauce that everyone loves? If you are ready to share your BBQ sauce with the world, you may be wondering how to sell my bbq sauce recipe. The good news is that cottage food laws make selling homemade BBQ sauce from your home legal, depending on the state in which you live. So you want to check the cottage food regulations in your state before you bottle that top selling BBQ sauce to make sure you can sell it from your kitchen.

There are many different kinds of BBQ sauce on the market. You want to make sure you make the BBQ sauce style that is going to sell in your market. For example, do you make a thick BBQ sauce, sweet one, or spicy one? The answer may depend on what is popular in your area. Another option is to make a canned bbq sauce from fresh tomatoes.

How to Start a BBQ Sauce Business

When you want to start a healthy bbq sauce business, you want to start with a business plan. A new business plan should be well thought out. First, you should do your research and understand the market to determine the demand for a BBQ sauce business. For example, are customers in your area looking for a low sugar bbq sauce or a low sodium bbq sauce? Then, when you know what will sell in your area, you can focus on those.

When you determine the cottage food laws in your area, you will also understand the regulations for your state. In addition, these regulations indicate what type of meal prep certification you may need for your business. This includes certifications and licenses that you might need. Do not forget about your social media presence and website. You want your customers to find you easily. These options give you the ability to create a customer base and keep them engaged while encouraging them to buy. Once you find your niche and you determine what BBQ sauce will appeal to them, you should be able to cultivate a following. You may have one type of sauce that sells well in one market, and a different sauce sells in another market.

How to Bottle and Sell Your Own BBQ Sauce

When you are considering to bottle and sell your own BBQ sauce, it is essential to understand how to bottle sauce. First, you want to make sure that you wash and dry all of the bottles, rims, and caps thoroughly before bottling your BBQ sauce. Next, you want to use a funnel to fill the bottles with your BBQ sauce. You want to leave 0.5 inches of space between the top of the BBQ and top of the bottle. Finally, you want to make sure there are no air bubbles. You can tap the sides and bottom of the bottle if you see any. If there is any excess sauce on the outside of the bottle, wipe it off. Then, screw the caps on the bottle, but not too tightly. You want to leave enough room to vent and allow any excess air out of the bottle.

When you consider bottling your BBQ sauce, you have to make the decision between plastic or glass bottles. In general, plastic bottles are less expensive than glass. You must pour the BBQ sauce into the plastic bottle when it is cold. When you use a cold filling process, it saves money because you do not have to purchase chilling equipment. Glass bottles, on the other hand, are ideal to fill while your sauce is hot. This hot fill process stops bacteria from developing. In addition, acidic ingredients do not break down a glass bottle. Glass bottles are more expensive in general, but so is the process of filling and shipping glass bottles. This may decrease the amount of revenue you earn, but if you want to sell a high class bottle of BBQ sauce, glass is the way to go.

You probably want to wonder how much to charge for homemade bbq sauce to ensure you have the most significant bbq sauce profit margin. It would be best if you took the cost of your ingredients and multiplied them by at least 3-4x to cover your labor, utility, and other overhead costs. Ultimately, your pricing needs to account for your time and talent!

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